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Archiving Project

Sharing Local History

Two years ago, Llangwm History Society took the lead in developing an Archiving Project with 4 other Pembrokeshire History Societies - Coastlands, Hook, Pembroke & Monkton and Penally. All societies recognised that they had a wealth of historical material stored away in cupboards, in various houses etc. 

These were resources which should be available to everyone - students, family historians, researchers. The conundrum was how to achieve this as there was a fantastic array of artefacts, documents, photographs, family trees, postcards within the five groups. All societies are run and organised by volunteers and they did not have the spare capacity to do anything other than a rudimentary cataloguing system.

The idea was born to apply for a grant from the Heritage Lottery to employ someone on a two year project to:

PLANED was approached so that their Heritage Team could provide managerial support during the project.

An application was submitted and a grant of £63,000 was awarded. A number of high calibre candidates applied for the job, and 8 people invited for interview. Luckily the two best candidates - Angela Jones and David Llewellyn agreed to a job share. Angela was formerly the manager of the Tudor House in Tenby, and David was an archivist at Pembrokeshire Record Office.

They have made an incredible start and all the societies are very grateful to them for their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. Pembroke & Monkton was the first society to have their input and this will be followed on June 10th by Llangwm. We are looking forward to hosting them.  


Archiving Project Update

Posted 1st August 2019

The Archiving Project - “Sharing Local History” includes 5 local history societies in Pembrokeshire - Coastlands, Hook, Llangwm, Penally, Pembroke & Monkton. David Llewellyn and Angela Jones have been appointed as project officers on a job share basis. They have a wide skills base and valuable professional experience and expertise - Manager of the Tudor House, Tenby, and former Archivist in Pembroke Record Office. Each society has a collection of photographs, documents and artefacts which will be catalogued and digitally archived on a new web-site “Heritage Pembrokeshire” and the People’s Collection, Wales. This two year pilot project ensures that these valuable contributions to local history are accessible to all. 


Archiving Project Update

Posted 16th August 2019

‘Sharing Family History’ - the exciting archiving project in Pembrokeshire is now in its fourth month. The two project officers - Angela Jones and David Llewelyn have devised a cataloguing system for the five history societies’ archives which can be used by other societies across Pembrokeshire. Photographs, documents and artefacts are being digitally uploaded to the People’s Collection Wales website and ultimately onto a new website 'Heritage Pembrokeshire'. The first 10 weeks was spent trawling through the collection held by Pembroke and Monkton History Society, and the second at Llangwm. Penally is next, followed by Coastlands and Hook. This two year project has been funded by the European LEADER fund and the Heritage Lottery and will enable anyone to access these valuable resources on line - students, family historians, researchers.


Archiving Project Update

Posted 10th November 2019

The Archiving Project is now 9 months into the 2 year programme. Three of the 5 History Societies have had their initial 10 week allocation - Pembroke & Monkton, Llangwm and Penally, and the two project officers are currently working at Coastlands (Dale & Marloes). Hook will follow. 

A completely new cataloguing system has been developed which all societies can use and all lessons learned about archiving and cataloguing will be available to other societies in the future.

The main reason for this project is that all history societies have collections of photographs, documents, family histories and artefacts which are kept in cupboards or even under beds! We, the Five Communities Group, want to share this information and ensure that it is accessible for all. Everything will be uploaded to a forthcoming web-site “Heritage Pembrokeshire’ and the People’s Collection Wales.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their photographs etc.