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Forging Links with Flemish Founders

Llangwm Community Council Visits Beernem

Four Llangwm Community Councillors - Pam Hunt, Llinos Martin, Liz Rawlings and Matthew Evans, went on a self-funded trip to Beernem in Flanders. This was to re-establish a connection with a Flemish area as these were the originators of Llangwm village in the 12th century. A packed few days enabled the group to meet with the current Mayor, former Mayor and Aldermen and also to develop links with the local school; rugby team; historic places of interest; and a talented artist, potter and sculptor. It is anticipated that these links will be developed further over the next few years and enable exchange visits between Beernem and Llangwm.

Back row L-R:

Alderman Bruno Strobbe, Alderman Jan Vanasche, Alderman Vicky Reyneart, Alderman Patricia Waeniers, Katrien Bruggerman, Paul Bruggerman, Christine Vereecke (narrator of the Flemish version of the Tapestry App and translator for the Website), Christine’s husband Ronny Millet.

Front Row L-R:

Johan de Rycke (former mayor), Liz Rawlings, Llinos Martin, Walter Van Parijs (current mayor), Matthew Evans, Pam Hunt, Marianne de Rycke.

On the table is the half size copy of the Talking Tapestry of Langum which was presented to the town along with other small gifts.





For further information about the town of Beernem, please click on the links below (please note the official Beernem site is in Dutch but can be translated via Google Chrome).