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Welcome to Llangwm, Pembrokeshire

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Wesleyan Methodist Chapel



Reverend Lorraine Hinson


Jane Brock

Tel: 01437 890704


Sunday Mornings at 11.00 am


Methodist services were first held in Llangwm in 1824 but at that time no Chapel had at been built.  It was 10 years later in 1834 that Methodists were able to meet in their own building. This building 168 persons and congregations soon out grew its capacity..

With the commencement of a Sunday School in 1881 and regular concerts and anniversaries, the old chapel tended to become 'densely packed' at such events. 'So much so that when lamplight was needed, the lighted lamps would gradually grow dim as the oxygen became exhausted by the large congregation.'

So in 1896 land was acquired on Llangwm Green and the present chapel was built at a cost of £1,285; paid for by the hard-earned wages of the chapel members, subscriptions, teas and concerts.

The men from the Chapel dug the stone for the building from the Roose Ferry Quarry, which was owned by Sir Owen Scourfield of Williamston, who gave it free. It was loaded into rowing boats and ferried to Guildford Pill, often by men on their way home from work at H.M. Dockyard.

In 1935 electricity came to the village and was immediately installed in the Chapel. A genuine Willis organ was bought and installed in 1947. Although social attitudes to Sunday have changed over the years, the Wesleyan cause still prospers in Llangwm in the hands of many of the descendants of the early followers of Methodism.